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Renting servers

Until recently, such words as "server" or "network" were associated with big companies which had countless number of servers and computers connected with their head offices. Over the years it has been changing as new server technologies have become more friendly and accessible. Nowadays, servers are being used not only in big but also in small or medium companies. Due to current needs (infrastructure development), extreme needs (organization of events, conferences, periods of intensive activities) or high costs of connected with the purchase of a server and its exploitation, many companies decide on renting servers.

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Why is a server worth-renting?

  • Using common devices- due to the rented servers there is a posssibility of sharing the devices such as printers or scanners among employees.
  • A number of modern software need a server, for example software of Insert company
  • Renting servers enable better contact and management of customer base- it simplifies the contact with the customer and allows the better control of the stock.
  • Rented server enables file sharing. Information is send quickly between computers (files, letters and messages).
  • Servers allow generation of backup files and file storage. In case of unforeseen situations, you can recover the data before the failure happened.
  • Due to the rented server, the company gains a better control over the safety and protection of confidential data.
  • It is easier to create security policy within the company, managing rights or updating software used in the company.
  • The possibility of remote work by the employees- all needed data is stored in one place- on the company's server. The employees have access to the data in any place and at any time of the day.

Moreover, by renting server we gain many benefits.

  • The reduction and optimalisation of the costs of investment for IT infrastructure.
  • The rented server lowers the cost of service in the company's infrastructure.
  • The possibility of implementing any platform in the rented server.
  • The professional service and advisory regarding new technologies.
  • The financial statement of rental services of a server on the basis of a stiff monthly fee.
  • A possibility of modification of a rented server or its exchange for the duration of the agreement, depending on the current needs.
wynajem serwera, wynajmowanie serwerów, wypożyczalnia sprzętu serwerowego

All of above aspects are very important when gaining competitive advantage by the company. Possessing a server means faster, more efficient and more precise work of the company. It also means prestige and professionalism. The company using the servers in their everyday work gain more trust.

By renting a server we save precious time of our employees and obtain the possibility of working in the places where up till now it was difficult, for instance during a trip. Renting server infrastructure we do not cover the main costs connected with the purchase of the equipment, the choice of a suitable configuartion of the equipment, its development or service. Our company bears the consequences of these activities. We ensure the matching the server configuration to the needs and requirements of a given company. In our offer we possess not only the servers of such brands as DELL, FUJITSU and HP but also necessary instrument network.

Additional services for rented servers

  • The installation of the rented server in the customer's head office
  • The choice of any configuration for the rented server
  • Configuration and installation of necessary components on the rented server
  • Administering of rented server and constant control and the proper functioning of the service


The cost for renting servers are estimated individually. In this case, please contact our consultant.

Renting other devices

You can rent additional equipment. The characteristics available after the mail or phone contact. Router switch Other instrument network speakers UPS business card scanner scanner fingerprint detector wireless keyboard and mouse key lock safety cord. The full price list of renting the computer equipment is available in "the full price list of computer equipment" section. Our rental shop offers renting network equipment as well as extra computer equipment for every computer work station. It makes the work easier in situations such as conferences, business retreats, trainings or event organization.


You can rent additional equipment
RouterCharacteristics available after contact by email or telephone
Other network equipment
Business card scanner
Fingerprint reader
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Anti-theft steel cable (for laptops)
Full price list for renting computer equipment "Price list for renting computer equipment".
rent a router, swith rent, rent głośników, rent skaner, rental of a fingerprint reader, rent UPS, Kalisz, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa

In our offer of IT equipment rental we also have :

  • Router
  • Switch
  • Other network equipment
  • Speakers
  • UPS
  • Business card scanner
  • Scanner
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Anti-theft steel cable (for laptops)

Our IT equipment rental offers, in particular, the rental of network equipment and additional equipment for each computer station. It facilitates the performance of the necessary work in situations such as a conference, training, business trip, integration trip or organization of events.

rent a router, swith rent, rent a speakers, rent a scanner, rent a Fingerprint reader, rent a UPS,
Kalisz, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa.

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