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Leasing is good form of financing the development of every company; from small companies to well-established big companies. Leasing is used not only by small companies, family businesses but also by listed companies. The growing popularity of computer leasing results from both, good formal and financial conditions. It is much easier to obtain a leasing than a loan. Moreover, simple procedures and flexibility in financial commitments are additional advantages of leasing.

IT industry develops at a fast pace. Due to computer leasing, the entrepreneur can afford technology modernisation without involving cash or affecting the financial liquidity of a company. . What is more, post-leasing products can be sold with benefits and the latest generation IT equipment can be obtained. Due to such strategy, even small companies can afford to upgrade their IT equipment systematically.

Optimal solution is the operating lease without the option to buy the products. Such solution allows to reduce monthly payment and deals with the sale of post-lease equipment. In practice, operational lease without the option to buy the products is similar to a long-term rental.

Netland Computers offers leasing of IT equipment to 18 months; the cooperation with Grenkeleasing sp.zoo provides leasing over 18 months.

Advantages of leasing

  • computer leasing enables the access to the latest IT technology and quickly react to changes on the market
  • computer leasing enables and makes the modernisation and investment processes easier.
  • computer leasing does not affect the overall liquidity of a company
  • the charges of leasing contract does not downgrade the credit rating
  • the procedure is simple, fast and keep to a minimum the formalities
  • computer leasing is good taking into consideration financial reasons- the lease fees are tax deductible costs which lower the tax basis
  • the possibility to deduct VAT tax monthly

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  2. ile kosztuje wypozyczenie sprzętu komputerowegoMultimedia equipment rental
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  4. biurkowe komputeryPC rental
  5. nowoczesne laptopynotebook rental
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  13. łatwa instalacjaSound system rental
  14. łatwa instalacjaTV rental
  15. szybki transferinternet rental
  16. niskie rachunki, mobilnościnternet for a month