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Who are we?

We are professionals who provide the computer equipment for the customers and ensure full technical support in the place of supply. The company is on the rental market since 2010. The years of experience and the individual attitude towards our clients have resulted in the trust of thousands of companies and institutions. In order to keep pace with the fast developing IT market, we constantly expand our offer to give our customers the possibility to rent the latest equipment. Our highest priority is a complex IT service. We secure a full support at the stage of a project. WE also make the LAN, FTTH installations services, electricity works, highly developed configuration of networks, servers and the creation of Wi-Fi. All essential equipment such as printers, projectors, or sounds equipment are installed in the final phase of works by our specialists. The wide range of products is something what makes our company stands out from the rest. Therefore, we are even able to complete large order in the short-time, providing professional help at the same time.

How do we work?

Our highest priority is a fast implementation of even the most specific and unique customers’ needs. We rent desktop computers, LCD screens and printers. We also rent laptops and projectors. At the clients’ request we ensure a complex rent service. We offer both, short-term and long-term renting equipment services as well as leasing. Our head office is in Kalisz, but we successfully manage to provide services for the customers from around Poland. Renting of the equipment is possible in just a few steps. At every stage we offer the help and advice of our specialists. We offer three options of delivery of equipment:

  • the collection of goods in the head office of our company,
  • delivery to the customer,
  • delivery to the customer combined with the installation of the equipment, dismantling and full IT services.


Choose the equipment

Valuation for rent

Sign the contract

Receive the equipment

Rent the equipment for:

  • conferences (renting the computers and laptops, IT services during conferences)
  • training (renting projectors, laptops, printers or clickers which facilitate participant responding)
  • business meetings ( renting computers, laptops, printers)
  • presentations ( renting projectors, LCD screens or notebooks)
  • fairs and exhibitions (renting LCD screens, LCD LED TV, projectors, and laptops)
  • temporary workplace (renting computer equipment, printers and LCD screens)
  • business meetings, office parties (renting of LCD screens) and projectors)
  • awaydays (renting of notebooks with the Internet- hsdpa modem with the access to the fast Internet in any place in Poland)
  • all kinds of events ( for instance, the creation of Press Centre- renting of computers, laptops, multimedia equipment, printers and network equipment together with the service)

The advantages of renting the equipment:

  • Save the time- in urgent cases it is easier and faster to rent the equipment than buying a big amount of computer equipment
  • small financial contribution
  • the latest models of computer equipment
  • the guarantee of well-functioning equipment
  • reliability, due to immediate and expert IT help

laptop notebook

The time of renting the equipment: offers three options of renting the computer equipment:

  • short-term renting- up to 6 months
  • long term renting- for 6 months
  • optimal leasing without an option to buy-out or the traditional leasing with the option of buying-out- after 18 months.

In contrast to many other companies, our company classifies a long-term renting from six months. Thanks to that, our customers who rent the computer equipment, can count on discounts, bargains and extra services just after six months. For those customers, who plan to rent the computer equipment in a long-term, we offer the leasing as an easy and fast way of having new IT equipment. Leasing up to 18 months we implement on our own, but the leasing above 18 months we implement with the cooperation with Grenkeleasing sp. z o.o. company. We try to meet the customers’ needs and demands, that’s why in many cases our customers can count on individual conditions for cooperation.

Our customers

Renting computer equipment is an attractive option for both, big companies who need additional equipment for presentations or training, and for small companies who need to expand their IT equipment in a short period of time.

Renting IT equipment is very useful in advertising and marketing businesses. The advertising agencies organising fairs, events or exhibitions use it very often. Rental or leasing is a good solution for small companies which have already started their businesses and they are trying to limit the costs. Below you will find some of our biggest achievements. For more go and visit „our achievements” section.


The Special Olympics European Summer Games in 2010

Over 1600 sportsmen with intellectual disabilities participated in this Special Olympics. Our company delivered 170 laptops for this event. Our company not only created but also equipped the press centre in projectors, instrument network and printers. We also provided the total technical support and installation services.

olimpiady specjalne - wypożyczenie laptopów
euro 2016 - stworzenie centrum prasowego

EURO 2016

It is the twelfth international edition of the European Men’s Handball Championship EURO 2016, where the best men’s national representation in Europe was selected. The matches were held in four places in Gdańsk/Sopot, Katowice, Wrocław, Kraków. Our task was to ensure full technical support in all localisations. We created press offices and provided full equipment in computers, laptops, printers and network equipment for the organiser.

World Youth Days 2016

For the purpose of The World Youth Days in 2016 we created network facilities on boom lifts and on the Press Centre tents located in Cracow’s Blonie and Brzegi. Our task was to provide the IT equipment to these localisations. We also implemented night network infrastructure on the Press Centre tents located in the area of Wawel Royal Castle. Our 3 days-work allowed not only to create the ends of the LAN system but also provided the electricity for more than 700 people. The scope of work was not only limited to the creation of infrastructure. We also carried out the advanced configuration works of the instrument network which enabled the remote management, monitoring and high level of protection. We also provided the organisers with the network equipment.

swiatowe dni młodzieży - wyposażenie centrum prasowego w sprzęt komputerowy
world games 2017 - igrzyska gier sportowych - budowa infrastruktury sieciowej i wsparcie techniczne

The World Games 2017 – Wrocław

The World Games 2017 is the tenth edition of competition that were organized in Wroclaw. During the event the technical support was given by our company on 14 out of 28 localisations within the city area. We also delivered IT equipment and build the technical infrastructure. We built network infrastructure which was based on top quality Cisco equipment which has an automatic backup link. In the places where there was a need to install the equipment outside, we used the outdoor network cabinets. In the places where the distances between network connections were even over 80 metres long, we used fibre optics. The created wired and wireless links had to be 100% reliable and our task was to provide immediate help when needed. For the measurement of performance we had used Swiss Timing infrastructure.

Bar exams 2015

Our company has the years of experience in providing the equipment for Bar Associations for conducting bar exams. We offer fully equipped laptops together with printers and a special kind of software designed to conduct the bar exams.

egzaminy prawnicze - przygotowanie laptopów dla przyszłych prawników
Barack Obama w Polsce - przygotowanie infrastruktury sieciowej w Sejmie

The 25th anniversary of freedom and the visit of president Barack Obama in Poland

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of a return to freedom took place in 2014 in Warsaw. Barack Obama participated in this event. Our company have done the installations and configurations of LAN network for journalists and invited guests in three localisations: Belweder, the Presidential Palace and the Royal Castle. Due to the prohibition of putting up wires on the floor in the Column Hall in the Presidential Palace, we had to build the WI-FI for more than 300 people (invited guests and journalists). Our works included the total IT services in the place where the celebration was held. The building of the network had to be ended within 24 hours, just the day before the celebration. Therefore, there was no time for any improvements or tests. All our works were done efficiently and diligently. After the installation, the equipment was fully operational.


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